Assessing’s Coverage of Terms from Key Biomedical Datasets

TitleAssessing’s Coverage of Terms from Key Biomedical Datasets
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMoodley K, Hardi J​, Graybeal J​​, Musen MA​, Dumontier M
Conference NameIntelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference
Date PublishedJuly, 2018
Conference LocationChicago, Illinois

​  is  an  initiative  by  major  Web  search  engines  to  define  a  common  vocabulary  for structuring  Web  content  from  a  variety  of  domains,  promoting data interoperability and enabling Web content to benefit  from sophisticated search services. Within the wide  spectrum  of  ​  vocabulary,  there  are  specialized data  attributes  for  biomedical  objects.  Before  leveraging  these attributes to mark up the actual data, it is valuable for biomedical data publishers to know which of their key data fields  can  be  captured  by  ​​ .  There are currently  no  quantitative  evaluations  to  measure  how  much  of  vocabulary  aligns with the accepted standards  in  biomedical  domains.  In  this  paper,  we  provide  such  an evaluation against selected biomedical standards for drugs, clinical trials and medical datasets.

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