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Sep 25 2020 - 11:14am
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Hot on the heels of Release 2.0 of the CEDAR Workbench, we are releasing CEDAR Workbench 2.1 today. This release adds to the versions, fields, and CDE handling capabilities released previously in CEDAR. Because this feature set requires some changes to our underlying databases, we will need several hours to perform the release, during which CEDAR... Read More
It's a party!
On its 4th birthday, we are excited to announce Release 2.0 of the CEDAR Workbench. This release has many new features, as well as production releases of existing capabilities, so we'll be telling you about many of them in more detail in coming weeks. Look and Feel One of the first things you may notice is that CEDAR looks a bit different. We... Read More
The Share Menu option for a CEDAR resource
We have a new tutorial about Permissions and Sharing! If you've been puzzled by questions like How can I keep my files private (or make them public)? How can someone collaborate with me ona lot of different files? Why can't I save this metadata where the template is? How can I tell whether other people can see my file? I just logged in for the... Read More
We are pleased to announce release 1.8.8 of the CEDAR Workbench, offering a series of improvements since our last release. We'll be providing more news with additional information about this release in coming days. Here are some of our improvements since release 1.8.1, starting with a few very specific improvements. Fields as first-class objects... Read More
CEDAR Workbench release 1.8.1 is now available. Most of the changes since the last major release provide internal plumbing, and will only become visible to users in coming releases. The two primary results of this type are initial support for provenance and versioning, and internal support for first-class fields. Provenance and versioning CEDAR... Read More
We are pleased to announce release 1.7.0 of the CEDAR Workbench, available as of late yesterday! This release especially focused on changes to upload AIRR metadata to the NCBI repositories (SRA, BioSample, and BioProject), but includes a few new features and the usual improvements to usability and reliability. Adding additional metadata: the... Read More
Cool Teal Schurer NIH Cooperative Grant Graphic
Burlingame CA, Miami FL, and Stanford CA. A collaborative U01 grant titled “Unifying Templates, Ontologies and Tools to Achieve Effective Annotation of Bioassay Protocols” has been awarded to University of Miami together with Stanford University and Collaborative Drug Discovery. The principal investigators of this $2,088,678 U01 grant are... Read More
CEDAR has a status page at
The CEDAR system is going through a major upgrade this Wednesday, January 24. It may be down much of the day as we upgrade both the CEDAR Workbench software, and the libraries like Java that support it. Whenever the CEDAR system is not responding, you can visit our CEDAR status page, thanks to the StatusCake service. This will let you know if you... Read More
"We need a comprehensive approach to the authoring and management of metadata, as the success of a lot of commons projects is at stake." Dr. Mark Musen writes in a blog post for the National Cancer Informatics Program "To make experimental datasets FAIR, they must be accompanied by metadata" that can explain them—and many online datasets fail to... Read More