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CEDAR has an information-rich web footprint, starting with the primary website, which includes considerable CEDAR-related documentation including a list of publication materials.

The CEDAR application lives at https://cedar.metadatacenter.org. A new CEDAR user may be directed to our orientation page, or may wish to review the CEDAR User Guide. CEDAR application users requesting help are sent to CEDAR support page.

CEDAR APIs are located and documented for CEDAR resource interfaces, terminology service interfaces, and value recommender interfaces.

We use a variety of Web-based services to coordinate and promote CEDAR activities. We use GitHub to publish and manage all our CEDAR software as free and open-source content, including public specification documents and examples; to document technical details about the system; to manage the project issues (tracked on GitHub by repository); and to publish technical release notes.

For a public overview of our project issues and tasks, we provide an agile Kanban-style (issue tracking) board on ZenHub which shows the actual tasks we are managing for the system. A higher-level overview of CEDAR development is available with the CEDAR High-Level Features ZenHub board.

Because GitHub is not adapted for sharing binary documents (such as PDFs), we have created a
public sharing site where we publish documents for review and collaborative development within the CEDAR community.

Our primary support list is the cedar-users list, which emails the CEDAR community with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. (Questions about the CEDAR API should go to this list. If you need to include private information in your email, you can contact us directly at cedar-support@metadatacenter.org.

We have a web presence using the metadatacenter tag on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social media sites.

List of references

Technical and Developer References

  1. GitHub repository: https://github.com/metadatacenter
  2. CEDAR API documentation: https://resource.metadatacenter.org/api, https://terminology.metadatacenter.org/api, https://valuerecommender.metadatacenter.org/api.
  3. Overview of technical documentation: https://metadatacenter.github.io
  4. CEDAR metadata specification models (describe the JSON-LD): https://metadatacenter.org/tools-training/outreach/cedar-template-model
  5. CEDAR release notes: https://github.com/metadatacenter/cedar-project/releases
  6. CEDAR tasks board (ZenHub): https://app.zenhub.com/workspaces/cedar-project-56cb88f7058479ba5b2fc375...
  7. CEDAR document share: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8JBS0Fj-RWHTHdQdkNmNnY1STA
  8. CEDAR installation documentation: https://metadatacenter.readthedocs.io

General References

  1. CEDAR Application: https://cedar.metadatacenter.org
  2. CEDAR User Guide: https://metadatacenter.github.io/cedar-manual
  3. CEDAR Web site/home page: https://metadatacenter.org
  4. CEDAR Orientation page: https://metadatacenter.org/orientation
  5. CEDAR outreach documents: https://metadatacenter.org/outreach
  6. CEDAR project proposal: http://metadatacenter.org/tools-training/outreach/cedar-proposal-text
  7. CEDAR high-level features board (ZenHub): https://app.zenhub.com/workspaces/cedar-features-5d1ce6cc1659a92b9fa61a1...
  8. CEDAR user support list: cedar-users@lists.stanford.edu
  9. CEDAR training: https://metadatacenter.org/training

Social Media

  1. Email lists:
    1. CEDAR community support: cedar-users (Questions about the CEDAR API should go to this list.)
    2. CEDAR announcements: cedar-announcements (outgoing only, low traffic)
    3. CEDAR developers: cedar-developers (for people writing and deploying CEDAR software)
  2. Email: Contact us directly at cedar-support@metadatacenter.org if you need to include private information in your correspondence.
  3. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetadataCenter/
  4. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO3MPDH9cD4L8fA-tZ1LB7A
  5. Twitter: https://twitter.com/metadatacenter
  6. SlideShare: https://www.slideshare.net/metadatacenter/
  7. GitHub: https://github.com/metadatacenter
  8. Outreach page: https://metadatacenter.com/outreach
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