Building CEDAR

Building CEDAR in its first year required a lot of help from our support teams, Wired Moon and MJD Interactive. We are giving them some extra mojo here for supporting some very interesting requests over the course of the year. Thanks everyone!

About This Site

This site was created by the CEDAR Project Team, with the support of our web site service provider Wired Moon.


The site tries to provide a seamless experience both for CEDAR system users—the people who want to use the CEDAR tools to create or search templates or metadata—and the people interested in the CEDAR activities and community.  Because it is CEDAR’s functional capabilities that will have the strongest impact on the project’s value, we make the transition to using those capabilities as easy as possible from the CEDAR home page.

There is also a CEDAR web site at Stanford University, focusing on the project’s Stanford leadership and its contribution to Stanford University’s School of Medicine, and the Biomedical Informatics Research group at Stanford University.


The Drupal Content Management System was chosen as the CEDAR web site implementation path. Drupal offers many sophisticated capabilities for presentation and outreach, great support for semntic concepts, and the ability for many users (and even community groups) to contribute content to the site. While we may or may not embrace the creation of a community of CEDAR users, it is nice to know that could be integrated into the Drupal system.

The Wired Moon design company was chosen to implement our Drupal site, as they had rich Drupal and design experience and were willing to work closely with us to maximize the throughput of our joint efforts.  While ongoing maintenance of the site’s content (and possibly its technical infrastructure) is the responsibility of the CEDAR team,  we expect to continue using Wired Moon to help us with particular challenges in design and functional components of the site.

Service Providers

In addition to its team members, CEDAR has depended on key service providers to help us build the CEDAR web site and web services. We thank the providers described here for their contributions to the CEDAR system.

MJD Interactive

Short Description: Provided well-crafted web software for CEDAR’s initial capability release

The MJD team provided software development implementing CEDAR’s interactive web services for template creation and metadata instantiation. MJD developer Aaron Straker masterfully integrated our early concepts and notional wireframes, and the MJD team continued to support the beginnings of the CEDAR web service platform.

Most important to the successful CEDAR launch was MJD’s ability to integrate key usability concerns, like responsive interfaces, thoughtful layout and functional analysis, engineering for mobile applications, and solid application of user interface development principles. We finished our first year in strong development shape thanks to the MJD investment.

MJD says “Our unique combination of digital strategy, user experience, creative design and technology innovation has enabled us to partner with some of the world’s best known brands and cutting edge start-ups,” and as a bit of a cutting-edge start-up ourselves, we are pleased to have used their services.

Wired Moon

Short Description: Provided well-crafted web software for CEDAR’s initial capability release

Wired Moon worked with the CEDAR team on several web sites, starting with our Stanford-based site and continuing with the extensive MetadataCenter site you’re now viewing. Bridging multiple CEDAR project managers, Wired Moon adapted with the needs of the project to provide a wide range of Drupal-driven web site capabilities.

The Wired Moon collaboration gave us the opportunity to collaborate with multiple contributors in an informal, efficient set of design sessions. Learning was a 2-way street as we shared unique requirements for the CEDAR site, and learned about latest Drupal tools and design strategies from the Wired Moon team. Web developer Mauricio Mendez and designer Wes Breazell added a lot of skill and finess to create the professional CEDAR site you see here.

The Wired Moon clients “have big ideas they want to share with the world.” We hope the CEDAR project becomes a big idea, and the Wired Moon work has definitely helped us start down that path.

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Sep 25 2020 - 11:15am