Training for CEDAR

The CEDAR software is intended for users of any level of technical skill, so users should be able to pick it up and make simple templates or create simple metadata records with little effort.

At the same time, the software provides powerful capabilities to create metadata that is highly structured, carefully validated, and richly connected to concepts defined by the target community. We will be offering a variety of training resources, such as our training tutorial, for CEDAR users.

Embedded In-App Training

Diagram showing availability of training activities in different stages of metadata creation process

The CEDAR system provides some assistance within the program itself.

Many fields contain internal prompts to indicate what needs to be provided.

Templates created with CEDAR can also specify descriptive text for the metadata field, which will be displayed when the user clicks on a small '?' icon.

And CEDAR has a menu link under the user icon (upper right of the home 'Desktop' page) to get additional help, including on-line user and training materials. That link points back to the Support page on this site.

On-Line Training

Users may find the online CEDAR Orientation a helpful basic resource.

CEDAR Tutorials

Explicit instructions for using CEDAR are provided by the CEDAR User's Guide. This document includes illustrated step-by-step instructions for basic and advanced features, as well as helpful tips and strategies for all user levels.

Open Training Tutorial (Screenshot)This training tutorial walks you through the basic CEDAR capabilities, including CEDAR's ability to associate controlled terms (semantics) with specific fields or elements.

On-Line Videos

The CEDAR team plans to provide short video screencasts to illustrate key features of CEDAR operations. Until those are available, you can see a few long-form demonstrations by visiting our Videos page.

Future Training

As CEDAR becomes more full-featured, and is more widely adopted, CEDAR training opportunities will be expanded. We anticipate on-line webinars, streamed in real-time and recorded for later viewing; and organized training classes, much like the yearly classes Protégé offers. 

We also expect to provide training opportunities at biomedical informatics conferences.

Please contact us if you anticipate a specific training need that we have not presented above.

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Sep 25 2020 - 11:15am