The CEDAR Team

The CEDAR project is a team effort, engaging an international collaboration of institutions and individuals.

Here we describe the key roles, organizations, and committees that make the Center successful. For more information on individuals in the CEDAR project, see the People page; for more information on our partner organizations, see the Partner Projects page.

Senior Roles

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Mark Musen (Stanford)

The Principal Investigator leads the project, providing the overall direction and primary connection to the wider community. The Principal Investigator serves as a coordinator of the project and its reports for the funding organization, and establishes external advisory boards as appropriate.

Co-Principal Investigators and Steering Committee Members

Purvesh Khatri (Stanford)

Olivier Gevaert (Stanford)

Michel Dumontier (Stanford)

Susanna-Assunta Sansone, PhD (Oxford)

Steven Kleinstein, PhD (Yale)

Kei-Hoi Cheung, PhD (Yale)

Jeffrey Wiser (Northrop Grumman)

Kim Durante (Stanford)

The Co-Principal Investigators provide steering leadership for the whole project, and lead their teams’ contributions. The Co-Principal Investigators also pursue their own research agendas in the context of CEDAR work, leveraging CEDAR results and contributing insights and technical deliverables to the CEDAR product.

Technical Program Manager

John Graybeal (Stanford)

The Technical Program Manager provides day-to-day leadership and oversight of the project, having primary responsibility for coordinating all the activities and contributors.

Technical Lead

Martin O’Connor (Stanford)

The Technical Lead provides technical oversight, architectural leadership, and a significant piece of the actual CEDAR software and information model.

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Funding Organization

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provides funding for the CEDAR program through its Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative. The NIH management meets regularly with CEDAR management to review progress, provide input, and connect the project to other activities in the NIH and BD2K community.

Partner Projects

Stanford University is partnering with Northrop Grumman, Oxford University, and Yale School of Medicine to create CEDAR. For more information on the CEDAR partners and the projects they manage, please see the Partner Projects page.


MJD Interactive and Wired Moon have been providing technical services in support of CEDAR. MJD Interactive helped develop many of our front-end services and user interfaces, and Wired Moon created the 2 initial web sites for CEDAR, CEDAR at Stanford and the Metadatacenter site.

See Building CEDAR for more information on our consultants.

Collaborator and Peer Projects

Many projects collaborate with CEDAR, and this page will be updated occasionally to reflect those contributors

In particular, the other BD2K funded centers are engaged in many similar activities, and we work with many of those teams to share technologies and insights. The BD2K Metadata Working group in particular addresses emerging technology and community issues that affect CEDAR and its peer BD2K centers.

Advisory Groups

CEDAR Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (shown above) meets monthly and as needed to review project progress and guide the direction of the project.


The CEDAR NIH Team members meet with CEDAR management monthly, and as needed, to provide counsel to the project and to monitor its progress. The NIH Project Team consists of:

  • Dr. Maria Giovanni (NIH/NIAID), Program Officer
  • Dr. Ashley Xia (NIH/NIAID), Program Associate
  • Dr. Quan Chen (NIH/NIAID), Program Associate
  • Punam Mathur (NIH/NIAID), Program Assistant
  • Dr. Allen Dearry (NIH/NIEHS), Lead Science Officer
  • Dr. Valerie Florance (NIH/NLM), Science Officer

External Advisory Board

The CEDAR External Advisory Board members are available on an ongoing basis and meet yearly to provide input about the project, and connection to the wider biomedical, semantic, and big data communities.

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