As with all software projects, CEDAR requirements are developed from a variety of stakeholders, and are subject to review as the project progresses. As with all research software projects, the requirements are affected throughout the project by the results of previous developments and research.

The initial CEDAR requirements were established as part of the proposal, and have been undergoing refinement since the award was made.

The CEDAR User Scenarios are a primary source of requirements, as are requirements that developers infer from the proposal, and specific capability requests from the CEDAR stakeholders.

CEDAR requirements will be presented or referenced on these pages as they are released.

Managing Requirements in an Agile Project

Iconic General Study ModelCEDAR is using agile principles to guide its development, and managing a set of requirements in a controlled way contributes to this process. Doing so minimizes the risk that desired functionality is forgotten by the stakeholders and developers, and makes the desired functions visible for the Product Owner, stakeholders, and development team as they prioritize and implement the work. Requirements can be used as well to evaluate (test) the completed project.

External stakeholders also benefit from having ability to view into the requirements process and priorities, and CEDAR will establish channels for sharing and providing feedback on this content.

CEDAR Requirements

The CEDAR requirements have been distilled from over 600 candidate requirements in the proposal, and are being organized into readily viewed lists. This requires eliminating duplication (and statements that are not really functional requirements for the finished system), and rewording into a simpler form to eliminate non-testable statements. Once we finish the first release of the CEDAR requirements, we will make them available on this site or the CEDAR GitHub site.

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Sep 25 2020 - 11:15am