Fast and Accurate Metadata Authoring Using Ontology-Based Recommendations

TitleFast and Accurate Metadata Authoring Using Ontology-Based Recommendations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMartínez-Romero M, O’Connor MJ, Shankar R, Panahiazar M, Willrett D, Egyedi AL, Gevaert O, Graybeal J, Musen MA
Conference NameAMIA-American Medical Informatics Association 2017 Annual Symposium
Date PublishedNovember, 2017
Conference LocationWashington DC, USA

In biomedicine, high-quality metadata are crucial for finding experimental datasets, for understanding how experiments were performed, and for reproducing those experiments. Despite the recent focus on metadata, the quality of metadata available in public repositories continues to be extremely poor. A key difficulty is that the typical metadata acquisition process is time-consuming and error prone, with weak or nonexistent support for linking metadata to ontologies. There is a pressing need for methods and tools to speed up the metadata acquisition process and to increase the quality of metadata that are entered. In this paper, we describe a methodology and set of associated tools that we developed to address this challenge. A core component of this approach is a value recommendation framework that uses analysis of previously entered metadata and ontology-based metadata specifications to help users rapidly and accurately enter their metadata. We performed an initial evaluation of this approach using metadata from a public metadata repository.

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