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Sep 25 2020 - 11:15am
Title Description Release Date
Unleashing the value of Common Data Elements through the CEDAR Workbench Common Data Elements as a standard way to contribute to CEDAR templates November 30, 2019
CEDAR Background Slides Deep details of the CEDAR Workbench December 17, 2018
Metadata Best Practices Illustrated with the CEDAR Workbench How CEDAR addresses metadata best practices November 7, 2018
CEDAR: Metadata Tool for ESIP Demonstration the CEDAR Workbench metadata tool for Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation) July 19, 2018
Fast and Accurate Metadata Authoring Using Ontology-Based Recommendations Presentation slides for AMIA 2017 November 8, 2017
Supporting Ontology-Based Standardization of Biomedical Metadata in the CEDAR Workbench Presentation slides for ICBO 2017 September 13, 2017
CEDAR Demo Presentation for LD4All Presentation to LD4All workshop about CEDAR capabilities April 25, 2017
BioCADDIE Webinar by Dr. Mark Musen CEDAR: The challenge, the product, the future December 8, 2016
When the World Beats a Path to Your Door: Collaboration in the Era of Big Data Mark Musen's presentation slides from talk #1 at the BD2K AHM November 29, 2016
Use of Standard Common Data Elements (CDEs) in CEDAR Mark Musen's presentation slides from talk #2 at the BD2K AHM November 29, 2016
An Open Repository Model for Acquiring Knowledge about Scientific Experiments (Presentation) Presentation slides for EKAW 2016 on CEDAR system November 22, 2016
AMIA 2016 CEDAR Demonstration CEDAR live demonstration at AMIA 2016 November 15, 2016
CEDAR Overview for NRG Bioinformatics CEDAR 
overview for the NRG Bioinformatics meeting March 29, 2016
CEDAR Overview for BD2K CEDAR 
overview for the BD2K steering committee January 25, 2016
CEDAR Template Model and More Key for BioCADDIE The CEDAR template model December 6, 2015
CEDAR Overview for BioCADDIE We need easier and better metadata: the CEDAR project December 6, 2015
Linking Ontologies and ISO/IEC 11179 in the CEDAR Metadata Repository CEDAR has direct access to a comprehensive set of biomedical ontologies via BioPortal November 16, 2015
CEDAR Overview for SDL CEDAR 
overview for the Stanford Digital Library October 12, 2015
CEDAR Overview Presentation Better Metadata for Better Data Sharing in Biomedicine: The CEDAR Project August 27, 2015